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Is There a Such Thing as a Cancer Prevention Diet?

Last week someone asked me if cancer rates were increasing? I said yes, in the U.S. heart disease typically tops the list as the #1 cause of death, however, in 2018 cancer took the top spot in the United States. February is National Cancer Prevention Month. We have all heard how nutrition and cancer are linked but is there really a cancer prevention diet? Recent studies suggest yes, there are certain foods that prevent cancer. They are called fruits and vegetables. The Health Survey for England study surveyed over 65,000 adults, age 35 and over, on their eating habits to determine if there was a benefit to eating more fruits and vegetables and lowering the risk of dying from cancer and heart disease. The answer was a resounding “yes”...

Cancer Basics: What is Cancer?

Welcome to the Bedside Manners series on Cancer Basics. Our mission is to empower cancer patients and survivors through education.  What is cancer? In Latin, cancer means crab. It makes sense if you look closely at cancer cells under a microscope with what looks like “arms” and “claws”. Cancer is the malignant (bad) growth of the cell. These cells were once normal healthy cells that have gone rogue. These normal cells start to grow uncontrollably, non-stop, and unchecked by the body’s immune system. Cancer cells are like a child that gets away with a lot of bad behavior. Soon enough, these bad cells surround and affect the function of healthy tissue. Primary cancer is the original site where the cancer tumor originated. As these cancerous cells continue to...

3 Superfoods for Cancer Patients

You’ve got to love a superfood. These vitamin-rich foods have been shown to help with improving overall health. The ones below are superfoods that support cancer patients on chemotherapy. We’ve curated these based on proven science so you don't have to go "data diving" yourself. Spirulina - The Super Algae Let’s start with spirulina. It’s a living organism known as a blue-green algae. It’s been used by indigenous people in Central Africa and Mexico for thousands of years. A dietary supplement that is considered a food in and of itself, it is easily digested and absorbed and has loads of vitamins and minerals. It’s been shown to support cancer patients in the following ways: boosting the immune system and removing environmental and drug toxins from the body. A recent study gave a...

3 Cancer Fighting Fruits You Need to Eat Every Day

A few months ago we gave a long list of 10 cancer fighting vegetables you need to eat every day to reduce your risk of cancer. In our holistic cancer care plan clients start eating these vegetables right away. Well, since lots of people prefer fruit over vegetables, we thought we’d put together a list of cancer-fighting fruits. And it’s very easy to get these 3 cancer-fighting fruits you need to eat every day, as well as veggies, in one cup. If you’re struggling to eat more fruits and vegetables, why not drink them? Get all these natural cancer-fighting foods in a smoothie by signing up for the 5-day cancer-fighting smoothie challenge right here. Ok, so here are our top 3 cancer-fighting fruits, with science-based facts...