We want people and doctors to become partners in cancer prevention that goes beyond the basic and rises to the “best.”

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Yes I know you have heard all the basic cancer prevention guidelines (e.g., avoid junk food) and suggestions (e.g., exercise more) all before. However many people stay stuck in the “information zone” and can’t seem to “flip the switch” into transformation. I know this to be true because at every event I am asked “which kind of diet helps prevent cancer? I heard [insert vegetable/fruit/herb] is good for cancer prevention,” yet they are not eating the cancer fighting foods they heard could help.

The truth is that list of cancer-fighting foods, and how much of them we need to eat, rarely jumps from the pages of medical journals into the hands of the general public. Luckily, The Cancer Detox has been helping people start a strategic game-plan focused on eating more cancer-fighting foods for over 5 years. These foods are the building blocks of an anti-cancer diet you can eat for life.

Our Scientist and Chief Prevention Officer Dr. Dee Grace helps cancer patients and survivors start eating the foods and doing the self-care habits shown to prevent a recurring cancer diagnosis. She also helps those wanting to prevent a new cancer diagnosis who also want to lose weight.

Learn about Dr. Grace’s latest book or sign up for group or private coaching.

Founder, The Cancer Detox

Dee Grace, Ph.D.
Author | Scientist | Chief Prevention Officer

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Dr. Dee Grace’s newest book “Cancer Prevention: the Diet and Lifestyle Habits that Cancer Hates” is available in the kindle store. Get your paperback, hardback or kindle version today!

Group Coaching

Move from being stuck to transformation with group coaching! Perfect for cancer survivors and those ready to transform and need set weekly times to focus on cancer prevention.

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Accelerate your transformation with customized one-on-one coaching with Dr. Dee Grace.