We want people and doctors to become partners in cancer prevention that goes beyond the basic and rises to the “best.”

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Ready to Demystify Cancer Prevention?

You have heard all the basic cancer prevention guidelines before (e.g., avoid junk food, exercise more). There is a lot of noise around the latest cancer-fighting foods, cancer diets, cancer-fighting herbs, and cancer-fighting vitamins that purportedly lower your risk of cancer.

Yet, you stay stuck in the “information zone” and can’t switch to an action-oriented health transformation. We get a lot of questions on what to do, where to start, and how to implement a cancer prevention strategy.

In order to start your personal cancer prevention journey, you need to know:

  1. How to prevent cancer naturally, without expensive supplements and rigid diets?
  2. Where to start on your cancer prevention journey so you go from confused to confident?
  3. Where to find solid scientific facts that answer your toughest cancer prevention questions?
  4. And you want to start all this today!

Get access to your very own Cancer Prevention Scientist, Dr. Dee Grace, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sign up for:

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  3. Nominate a woman for the SHE ROCKED IT! 2024 campaign. We are seeking 1,000 women to share their inspirational cancer survival stories. Winner receive a $200 gift care and more awesome prizes!

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