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Cancer Prevention: Diet and Lifestyle Habits that Cancer Hates

Dr. Grace’s new book helps those who are struggling with where to start in their natural cancer prevention lifestyle. Whether you find yourself stuck not making any changes because there is too much information, or a survivor eager to know what cancer-fighting foods and self-care habits help reduce your risk of a recurrence, this NEW BOOK is just for you. 


Cancer Prevention is the Ultimate Self-Care

Whats Does Cancer Hate?

Chapter 02

The specific foods, vitamins, and supplements that cancer hates

Detailed self-care practices that cancer hates

Bonus tips to lower inflammation, cholesterol, weight, and food cravings

What You'll Learn Inside the Book

Even the most reluctant health-conscious person will be astonished at how easy it is to start preventing cancer without major life changes like going 100% vegan or running a marathon. Dr. Deanine Grace, a Ph.D. scientist with over 7 years of experience in cancer research, brings her method of implementing healthier habits over time, eliminating crash diets, and focusing on the main goal: A CANCER PREVENTION DIET.

With over 150 pages of science-based facts on cancer prevention diets and lifestyle habits, gathered from over 100 medical studies, this book will help you know the food that fights cancer to start preventing it.


"Cancer Hates Healthy Living"

Cancer Hates Healthy Living will teach you to start doing all the things cancer hates. This 5-week course will immerse you in the world of cancer prevention.


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