We want people and doctors to become partners in cancer prevention that goes beyond the basic and rises to the “best.”

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A breast cancer diet for survivors is one of the top questions I get asked by clients. We will explore the top 3 foods that can be included in this type of diet and the science-based facts on how they help prevent breast cancer recurrence.   [caption id="attachment_5759" align="aligncenter" width="560"] breast cancer diet and lifestyle prevention habits[/caption] INTRODUCTION By far, the top question I get from a woman newly diagnosed with breast cancer is, “What do I eat?” My informal surveys reveal breast cancer patients ask this question because they are concerned about: 1) avoiding foods that may have caused the breast cancer, and 2) not knowing about certain cancer-fighting foods that can help prevent a breast cancer recurrence. As a Cancer Coach and health educator, I direct them to what the scientific evidence has shown in breast cancer patients. Below is a list of