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Breast Cancer Survivor and Warrior – Nacole Ali

Ok breast cancer patients and survivors it’s time to get motivated! I’m happy to present our monthly spotlight on a breast cancer survivor and this time it’s none other than Nacole Ali. She’s a 20-year vet in human resources, been featured on The Wendy Williams Show, and I happen to know she’s also completed a marathon post-cancer diagnosis. To say that she’s a survivor is an understatement, she’s a breast cancer warrior!
Read more about how her diagnosis brought her face-to-face with her deepest fears and how she overcame them one step at a time by writing her book and having some fun as a globe-trotter.  You can find more about her at www.nacoleali.com.
Here’s to your best health!
Deanine Grace, PhD
Q: Hi Nacole, can you tell us a little about yourself? 
A: I am a Personal Change Strategist, motivational speaker, media personality, author, and business owner. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I have worked for 4 major global financial institutions for more than 20 years as a human resource professional and I have dedicated my life to helping people move their careers forward, through motivational reinforcement and coaching.  
Q: So when did you find out about your breast cancer diagnosis? 
A: I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2015.
Q: What were some of the immediate emotions that came up when you heard ‘you have breast cancer’?
A: I was nervous and scared. I gave myself the death sentence before I understood my own diagnosis.
Q: What type of information did you read so you could make the best decisions about your treatments?
A: I think it is important to not overwhelm yourself with the internet. There are a lot of things on the internet that talk in general terms which may or may not apply to you. I think the most important thing is to research things that pertain to you and your particular diagnosis. Everyone is different.
Q: And what treatments did you receive? How long did they last?
A: I received 16 rounds of chemo, 25 rounds of radiation and 4 surgeries.  All in all, it lasted for a total of 18 months but it didn’t end there. I also experienced some residual side effects.
Q: What types of side effects did you have?
A: Neuropathy, a slight touch of lymphedema that I consistently control with exercise and weight management.
Q: At any time did you feel that the treatment was beyond your ability to control or handle?
A. I did not because I didn’t have anything to measure against it. So everything I experienced I thought “this was normal.”
Q: Did you have to take a lot of time off of work?  Was your recuperation period long?
A: I continued to work my 9-5 during treatment and writing my book while on chemo. I stopped taking life for granted.  I traveled many times overseas after my chemo was completed.
Q: What is life like post-breast cancer treatment?
A. I am on hormone therapy for the next few years and because of the side effects of the medication, it’s important that I stay active.
Q: So what was the shift from being a cancer patient to a breast cancer warrior?
A. The shift came after my last radiation. It was December 31st, 2015 and I looked back at the last 12 months. It was an emotional time as I was leaving behind 2015 with “war” scars and going into 2016 with my head held high and some hair on my head. Lol!!
Q: Tell us about your book?
A. I am proud to say I am a #1 International Best Seller on Amazon. Warrior Built To Last is an account of my personal journey through Breast Cancer with a comedic twist. This book is brutally funny and addresses things survivors are thinking. Ultimately it is a light hearted but compelling message for anyone going through a personal transformation. After reading this book you will be inspired and encouraged to take better care of yourself by putting you first and moving towards your goals and personal well-being.
Q: What are your goals in helping women with their breast cancer journey?
A: My goal is to be an advocate for early detection for breast cancer. I want to ensure that women take care of themselves first by taking care of their health. Too many times women put the weight of the world on their backs and put everything and everyone first before themselves.
Q: How can people get your inspirational book and learn more about you?
A: They can go to www.nacoleali.com
Q: Thank you so much Nacole for your time today!
A: You’re welcome, it was a pleasure!

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