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Breast cancer survivors, how many fruits and vegetables do you need to eat to prevent a recurrence?

Hey Breast Cancer Survivors!  You can reduce your risk of breast cancer by 40% if you eat at least 3 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

And here’s another tip, eating cruciferous vegetables every day reduces your risk of breast cancer recurrence by 35%.

You can find out what cruciferous vegetables are and how they stop cancer growth here.

Now if you want to prevent breast cancer in the first place, you can reduce your risk of a NEW breast cancer DIAGNOSIS by 30% if you eat 3+ servings of cruciferous vegetables every day.

Want to learn how to eat more fruits and vegetables every day? Download this FREE worksheet (page 4 and 5) on how to eat more fruits and veggies a day.


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Here’s to your best health!

Dr. Dee Grace, PhD

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