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Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Breast Cancer: Part 2

If you are recently diagnosed, here are 20 questions to ask your doctor about breast cancer that are proven to help you receive better care from your doctor…



Your Guide to the 20 Best Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Breast Cancer

If you are a patient that feels you need your doctor to really hear you, then start asking medical questions.  Download your free copy of 20 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Breast Cancer.

Questions to ask your doctor about breast cancer



The Cancer Detox helps cancer patients & survivors get quality care from their doctor that can improve their survival outcomes. So before we dive into this topic, if you are recently diagnosed with breast cancer, please make sure you start increasing your chances of survival with some of our science-based resources:


Now let’s dive into the info…


Breast cancer patient


We had the pleasure of working with a super-sweet and determined woman who is fighting breast cancer. She told us about her recent experience during a visit to her patient support group meeting. Over the buffet, she was speaking with another woman and discovered they went to the same Oncologist. They bonded over their breast cancer journey, their treatments and how they were handling the side effects.

As they talked more about their treatment process, our client discovered that her Oncologist was not sharing certain medical information she thought was important for her to make informed decisions about her treatments. She was disappointed and began to question why she was not given information that the other woman was provided.


Our client came to her next coaching call with us asking for help to get to the bottom of this. We collaborated and developed questions that she should ask her doctor. The goal was to get her doctor to start talking more to her and freely sharing medical information about why her treatments were selected as well as what her survival outcomes were.

Some of these questions went into the 20 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Breast Cancer, which you can download here.  We were happy to hear from our client at her next coaching call. She reported that her doctor opened up when she took the lead and started asking questions about her health and treatments. It was as if he finally saw her as more than just patient #1234, and began to see her more like a sister, cousin, or mother who needed to desperately know her treatments would work and be reassured that she was going to beat breast cancer.

If you are a patient that feels you need your doctor to really hear you, then download your free copy of 20 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Breast Cancer.

Questions to ask your doctor about breast cancer


A recent study found that African-Americans and Hispanics were 63% and 50% less likely to receive from their doctor the reasoning for their treatment recommendations, respectively, compared to their White counterparts. This same study found that doctors were less likely to share relevant scientific research that went into the doctor’s treatment decisions with African-American and Hispanic patients. This information is vital to the patient because it helps them to make informed health and medical decisions.


By recognizing that not all breast cancer patients will receive the same level of care, our programs at The Cancer Detox are designed to ensure that our clients are 100% prepared to discuss with their doctor their treatments, diagnosis, and survival outcomes. All the things women care about.

What other questions can you ask during your next doctor’s visit? We want to hear from breast cancer patients and survivors on this one!

To Your Best Health!

Dee Grace, PhD

Hi! I am Dee Grace, PhD and I am a scientist and cancer patient advocate. Our company, The Cancer Detox, helps cancer patients improve their survival outcomes by getting better care from their doctor and adding natural healing to their lifestyle. Relief, healthcare access, and improving quality of life starts here!

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