We want people and doctors to become partners in cancer prevention that goes beyond the basic and rises to the “best.”

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What is THE best prostate cancer diet? One that feeds body and soul? We'll discuss this in the article below. ARTICLE SUMMARY AND MORE RESOURCES The best [su_highlight]prostate cancer diet[/su_highlight] is a vegan diet that is rich in vegetables, fruits, and legumes. A recent study showed this type of diet significantly lowered PSA levels in men with early-stage prostate cancer Self-care (in the form of physical activity, yoga, and meditation) was also incorporated into the lifestyle of these men. LEARN MORE about anti-cancer diets here: Breast cancer diet here, here, and here Colon cancer diet here, and here DOWNLOAD your FREE eBook on 7 Tips to Conquer and Prevent Cancer Naturally, which is our short list of what to eat for cancer prevention and 3 days of plant-based recipes. Schedule a complimentary call with me here. Want to know what to eat