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4 Foods That Help Prevent Cancer

FAST-FACTS FROM THIS ARTICLE: Eating these foods every day lowers cancer risk: 16% for vegetables, 13% for salad, 4% for fresh fruit (read more…
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In the last post, I discussed if a “cancer prevention diet” was a possibility, and what amount of cancer-fighting foods should be eaten every day to lower the risk of cancer (click here if you missed it). The study that was reference was the Health Survey for England. It’s time to dig deeper into that study and discover which cancer-fighting foods can support a cancer prevention diet. These 4 fruits and vegetables were significantly associated with decreased risk of dying from cancer and heart disease:

  1. Vegetables – 16% lower risk
  2. Salads – 13% lower risk
  3. Fresh fruit – 4% lower risk
  4. Dried fruit – 9% lower risk

The authors stated: “Raw vegetables have been shown by others to have a strong inverse association with mortality than cooked vegetables.” This makes a strong case to eat natural, raw greens at every meal. A green smoothie, natural green juice, and/or salad at breakfast lunch and dinner. Remember, this same study showed:

  • Two to three servings of vegetables a day reduced risk of cancer death by 24% in this study
  • Five to seven servings of fruits and vegetables a day reduced risk of death from cancer by 29%

One of the main limitations of the Health Survey for England is that it relied on participants to complete food surveys of what they ate the day before, which relies on a person’s memory recall. The strengths are that it included a diverse population of people, rather than people who tend to be healthy (e.g. doctors and nurses).

Are you getting the minimum amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet to lower your risk of cancer?


Dee Grace, PhD

About The Cancer Detox

We are Cancer Patient Advocates based in Atlanta, GA with a staff of Scientists, Health Coaches and Pharmacists. Our mission is to significantly improve the survival outcomes of people with cancer, and educate everyone about natural prevention to lower your risk or avoid a recurrence. Our premier program is The Cancer Detox Prevention course, which guides you through 24 cancer-fighting foods and strategies, with a 60 page e-book, 4 audio books, and 2 personalized health coaching calls. Sign up today!

References: Oyebode O, et al. Fruit and vegetable consumption and all-cause cancer and CVD mortality: analysis of Health Survey for England data. J Epidemiol Community Health. 2014;68:856-862

Leenders M, et al. Fruit and vegetable consumption and mortality: European prospective investigation into cancer and nutrition. Am J Epidemiol. 2013;178: 590-602.

Deanine Halliman

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