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We’re all tempted by loads of sugary, salty and cheesy foods when we turn on the t.v. or simply drive down the street. Instead of giving into these foods wouldn’t it be nice if we could keep our cravings in check and willpower high?  Well here’s a simple cravings hack that will have you saying no to pizza, French Fries, burgers, and cupcakes placed in front of our eyeballs 16/7 (hey, I’m assuming you get 8 hours of sleep 7 nights a week). Eat spinach. A recent study in 30 men and 30 women who were overweight found that: Spinach kept them feeling FULL 2 HOURS after eating it. If you’re struggling with weight gain or food cravings (especially salty foods), this hack is tailor-made for you. So start stir-frying, steaming or make a green smoothie with spinach.  This FREE mini-guide has a great