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Dear colon cancer survivors, there is a way to prevent a colon cancer recurrence based on science and we're going to detail it below. ARTICLE SUMMARY & RESOURCES: SUMMARY: Science shows that a combination of calcium and vitamin D helps prevent a colon cancer recurrence by 27% (which is statistically significant!) FREE RESOURCE: Get your questions answered with our Colon Cancer Bundle: 4 Tips on Preventing a Colon Cancer Recurrence + 9 Questions to Ask Your Doctor MORE ARTICLES: Learn more about preventing colon cancer here and here INTRODUCTION Colon cancer is one of the top four most diagnosed cancers globally. Here are a few colon cancer statistics: There are 1.4 million colon cancer survivors in the United States [1] Colon cancer (also known as colorectal cancer) is the 3rd leading cancer globally Costs to the U.S. healthcare system are approximately $14 billion dollars annually [2,