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With our business structure in place, our mission became simple: Ensure our clients get quality health information and the patient-centered healthcare they deserve.
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Meet Dr. Dee Grace

Dee Grace, PhD Cancer Patient Advocate

Hi! I’m Dr. Dee Grace. With over seven years in cancer research (solid-tumors) in the pharmaceutical industry, I have gathered a lot of scientific information on this disease. I use my PhD training (in microbiology and molecular biology) and certified Health Coach training (Institute of Integrative Nutition) to provide quality Health Coaching services to cancer patients. My goal is to always deliver transformational programs that allow you to adopt a healthier lifestyle for the long-term.

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About Bedside Manners

The Cancer Detox, a subsidiary of Bedside Manners LLC, is a health education company. We believe that health and wellness are the foundation of a fulfilling life. While many people know this they find it hard to implement this. We created The Cancer Detox to help you take make the jump to a healthier life.

Our Cancer Advocates help cancer patients make informed decisions about their healthcare. Our Health Coaches help cancer patients focus on wellness and self-care to help improve their quality of life during cancer treatment and into survivorship.

And we always promise to deliver:

  • Science-based information that empowers people to be their healthiest self
  • Health education that ensures people can make the right medical decisions